Reduce your time and cost,

Improve the depth quality of the weld

One pass welding

up to 8 mm material thickness.

No edge preparation

No filler needed

Return on investment

in less than one month

Why quicktig

Makrophoto of weld made with Classic TIG process and with Quicktig welding enhancer

6 mm thick Stainless steel.
Welding current: 165A; Welding speed: 10cm/min

Easy to use

Welding time reduced over 60 %
Increased weld penetration depth up to 300 %.

Welding enhancer QUICKTIG can improve penetration depth of stainless steel up to 300 % ,which allows us to:

  • Weld up to 10 mm thick stainless steel with one single pass
  • Weld without X, Y or V edge preparation
  • Minimize consumption of filler material
  • Significantly reduce welding time and costs
  • Lower heat input
  • Increase the welding speed of thinner workpiece up to 200 %
  • Extremely improved TIG (GTAW) welding Productivity
  • Simple and inexpensive solution for welding thick stainless steel
  • No need for investment in new equipment

How to use

Manual welding of pipe with use of Quicktig:
Robotic welding on plate:
  1. Shake well bottle of Quicktig before use.
  2. QuickTig does not need X, Y, or V edge preparation, just fuse two straight edges of the workpiece. You can use QuickTig for welding with or without filler material.
  3. Use the supplied brush to apply very thin layer of coating. The coating must always be applied to the cold workpiece.
  4. A thicker layer of the coating does not yield deeper penetration, it will result only in larger amount of black oxide particles on the surface of the weld.
  5. Width of the coating should be about 10-20 mm and should be continuous along the entire length of the workpiece.
  6. After application of the coating the workpiece can be welded immediately or at any time afterwards. Standard TIG equipment, shielding and backing gases and consumables can be used, only nitrogen and hydrogen should not be used in shielding gases.
  7. A residual slag typically remains on the top surface of the weld. This can be easily removed by grinding or aggressive wire brushing

Quicktig is suitable for welding of all types of stainless steel by mechanized, orbital or manual TIG/GTAW welding.


Welding enhancer for Stainless steel
125 ml bottle with brush
For about 200 m of weld
Welding enhancer for Stainless steel
50 ml bottle with brush
For about 80 m of weld
Welding enhancer for Titanium
50 ml bottle with brush
For about 50 m of weld

Akrapovič d.d.

"Welding enhancer QUICKTIG is used in our production for welding of titanium sheet steel of 3,5 mm thickness. There is an advantage when using QUICKTIG as there is no need for preparation of welding edge, so there are big savings in time and material. Welding speed is the same as with normal TIG welding. Penetration is much better and weld bead is much narrower. Savings are around 10%."

Orbitalservice GmbH

"With usage of Quicktig welding enhancer you can save up to 60% of welding costs in Orbital welding."

Orbital Engineering

"Orbital Eng. Research & Development department have perfected an Orbital root & GTAW cap weld procedure on Stainless Steel using Quick TIG. As can be seen in the video no prep was required which reduces start to finish fabrication by approx. 66%. This single run root can be performed on material thickness of up to 6mm thick. Needless to say this has a significant advantage over conventional TIG root, filler & cap."

Numip d.o.o.

"Because no edge preparation is required we significantly reduced welding and production time up to 40%.
Quicktig welding enhancer allows us to manually weld pipes thicker than 2mm with square bevel, no gap joint preparation in one single pass."

Enoop d.o.o.

"As a manufacturer for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry we have a lot of work with 5mm and thicker stainless steel.
The Quicktig enhancer is a perfect product for lowering welding costs in such cases. "

About us

Juvar d.o.o. is hi-tech company specialized in welding quality and productivity enhancement. Together with our clients we look forward to bring new QUICKTIG lines for different materials to the market

The company specialized in development of hi-tech products, enabling drastic productivity enhancements and quality assurance in welding was founded in 2014.We were challenged with the fact that the welding of thicker stainless steel pieces is extremely time-consuming and costly.

2011 Right after the idea was born, a team including specialists from the Faculty of Mechanical engineering and welding industry was set in aim to develop an industrial product for drastic enhancement of productivity with a positive quality impact.

2013 first samples of Quicktig were tested, accepted and aproved by industry customers.

Together with our clients we look forward to bring new QUICKTIG lines for different materials to the market.